Friday, 19 September 2014

solo show sunday 28th september

We like it down at the Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston. People whine about Dalston. Who gives a knuckle. So there's going to be another David Morris // Pollyanna Valentine show there and it's FREE. Sunday Sept 28. But this time it will also include a rare screening of Mike Davies and Ed Sanders' cornish-psych film-short MORITORO. With a live soundtrack performed by the pair on messed up guitars and noise boxes! Tell your friends. Dalston Knuckles x. You can watch the trailer for MORITORO via the facebook event page link below.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hastily organised Musical Enthusiasm EXPO - Sunday 24/08/14 in Dalston.

Playing a set on Sunday night at the very easy to appreciate Servants Jazz Quarters in Dalston. It's free entry and a bank holiday weekend! So it's Saturday night pt II, the Return of the Lie In, so they say. That's only for some people, but we would like some people to be there, so join them! I'll be joined by Ed Sanders for a few on the fiddle, and Jack Kindred-Boothby for a few on the cello (I hope, is that possible Jack?) before Pollyanna Valentine take us for a ride in a sky-high Estancia. Before that, Alyssa Moxley will play. Please spread the word. Love, David.

Here's a Facebook Event Page

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

New solo piece, soundtrack to an animation by Sarita McNeil

Here is my second collaboration of the year with film-maker and animator Sarita McNeil. I'm really proud to have recorded the soundtrack to her final piece for her animation degree. It ended up happening because I arrived at her place in Bristol with a guitar, on my way from what used to be home to someplace else, and she didn't have a soundtrack. It's the first time I have composed something for the purpose of ornamenting a visual piece, and the truth of it is that I found some ideas, and then put this piece down first time, improvising, into an iPhone recording app. Thank you Sarita for that moment because it opened up a lot of activity and had a bright and strong effect on the recording of the new album which directly followed this experience.

FIG from Sarita McNeil on Vimeo.

Monday, 23 June 2014

RRD sounds in a great Stonehenge documentary!... and other news...

Very happy to say that this remarkable BBC Culture Show special, concerning the cultural conceptions of Stone Henge, opens with some Red River Dialect jams. We also appear (sonically) a little later on, after Marc Bolan talks about music and landscape. It'll be available to stream via the iPlayer until Friday 27th June. The track that has been used is Tavy Cleave, which concerns two different sites in Devon and Cornwall that bear strong traces of Neolithic settlement, early Celtic Christianities and contemporary military use. Therefore it is an honour to have it used in such an appropriate setting. We owe a big thank you to the writer/director - Thank you Clare! 

I just got back from a solo tour opening shows for the New Bums. We all got a glowing bill of health from the Whisperin'&Hollerin writer for the York show -

Other highlights were 2 days in the Todmorden and Hebden Bridge area staying with some of the most hospitable people anyone could hope to know. Stretton-on-Fosse in the Cotswolds was a great time, and Sin Eater festival was really fantastic. Below is a photo of the New Bums looking uncharacteristically appreciative of each other, with Wicker Hare burning in the distance, shortly after the New Bums set.

Various rumours require confirmation/denial - the first is that Donovan Quinn was placed in the Hare shortly before it was burned. It is hoped that the picture below will disabuse the world of that notion. The second, as claimed on stage by Ben Chasny, is that Cian Nugent is his son, and this explains him not arriving to play at Sin Eater, as Cian is afraid of being shown up on the fretboard by his old man. This rumour is yet to be confirmed, but either way I'm happy as I got to play in his absence. Let's see what happens to his record sales now.