Friday, 6 March 2009

Orpheus' Baubles

Last Wednesday the newly christened community radio station Source FM (only available in Penryn and Falmouth) broadcast a live show under the name of Orpheus' Baubles. It was the first show by Tom and Simon and despite a few hitches it came off well. They play a couple of songs by a local singer, interspersing them with a few songs provided by the featured musician under the guise of "inspiration" and a few of the hosts own choices that they feel are kin somehow.

I was happy to get involved when they asked me, and I was happy when it went out. The Red River Dialect songs featured were Lighthouses Crank and Distant Man. Simon chose some great songs by artists I am either unfamiliar with or only dimly aware of, the highlights were Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan, and Michael Deakin's 'Wind River Children'. I wish I hadn't chosen the Dylan track, but I'm glad that I got a Jason Molina song and a Six Organs tune delivered all over the Fal valley.

I recorded the show and have uploaded it for download, should anyone be interested to hear it. I recorded it via my cheap MP3 player's "FM Record" function, but I quite like the accompanying hiss. Then again, the whole show is about me, so what's a little hiss? Maybe a lot to you....
I haven't split it into tracks, in keeping with the whole FM thing...

Click here to download the file

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  1. Great show David - thank you for providing the link. I love the hiss, it adds a mysterious quality to the show, and I must add your tracks sounded particularly beautiful alongside the cuts you had chosen!