Friday, 9 March 2012

Pre-Orders for the new record!

Our new album, ‘awellupontheway’ has lived down its name by hanging around our imaginations for some time now – but the ragged gestation is over, & it’s ready to punch its way out of a snowy cocoon.

Click here to flex your claws with a self-liberating download of the opening track ‘Dawns Man’.

But! We need some ££ shaped dusters in our paws to help it happen. We have started a fundraising project, heard of kickstarter? Well we can’t use that because we’re not yanqui, so we’re over here at indiegogo – click or copy the link digital scribes.

Here is a video with clips of the other 7 songs on the album – okay, it’s the album artwork, but feast your eyes on the fading text, imagine the wind in those Lizard trees, or just turn off your screen.

Red River Dialect new album sampler from David Morris on Vimeo.

Essentially we are taking pre-orders so that we can pay the vinyl & cd factories to get this music on to discs. We are too unimaginative to come up with £400 pound options where we cook you limited edition omelettes for a month & wake you up with renditions of Link Wray tunes, so it’s just about £9 for the cd & £13 for the vinyl, including carriage. There’s some elaborate options, but it’s all pretty straightforward.

We would be appreciate any & all sharing of this unique, character building opportunity!


Red River

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