Sunday, 12 August 2012

Vinyl copies runnin' low...


We had a fun tour.

So we pressed 200 copies of 'awellupontheway' on vinyl, but we didn't hand number them. Partly because I'm not sure about all that, and partly because we ran out of time. The records actually turned up 20 minutes before we went on stage for the launch gig. It was actually 2 hours, but time flies.

We're not sure if it will ever get re-pressed, so I'm writing to say that if you want to get hold of one, do so soon because there are only 50 of those 200 left. The best way is from but there are some other online facilities too.

More news when there is some. Less appropriate but more frequent updates can be found through our facebook page, which is at

If you don't use facebook I salute you, but I'm giving up enough things right now. Meet our newest member Sam Collins, he's third from left.

And this song is the most beautiful thing in my world right now.

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