Wednesday, 9 April 2014

David Morris Solo Tour with the New Bums

Hey and Hello,

I'll be doing a solo tour opening a string of UK shows for Ben Chasny and Donovan Quinn's new band, the New Bums. Who are great. There's a video below. Come out and say hello and see the show if you are nearby - please note I am not playing at the London show or the festival, but I'll be at the shows. We keep promising a new record but I think it is even more likely that it will happen this summer than the last time we said it. David XX

13th June - Stretton on Fosse, Village Hall w/ David Morris
14th June - Launceston, Cafe 8.
15th June - Falmouth, Beerwolf w/ David Morris
17th June - Hebden Bridge, Masonic Hall w/David Morris

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