Tuesday, 14 July 2009

First live show in a while, lots of new songs

On Friday July 24th Simon and I will be opening the Penryn leg of Arbouretum's UK tour, it's an exciting prospect made more so by the fact that we've drummed up a new(ish) sound in the time since our last show, and we'll be playing mostly new songs. It also feels like we are ready to do some recording, but I'm always saying that...

Tickets and information available here


  1. Awesome, well deserved David!!

    12 string is baffling but I will get there one day. Any new work in the pipeline?

  2. My daughter is hoping to start University at Falmouth this autumn - so we spent a week checking out Falmouth and were really surprised to see that a cool shop like Jam existed in Falmouth + gigs as good as the one at Miss Peapods last Friday! You sold me tickets for the show, but modestly didn't mention that you were in the support act! After the show, I said that Red River reminded me of Richmond Fontaine - and my daughter thought you were the better of the two bands! It was a great evening - my only complaint being the endless audience chatter during songs! Many thanks - and good luck - we want to buy your first album!

  3. Hey brian, thanks for your kind words, we found the chatter hard too. If you email lonorecords@hotmail.co.uk we can put you and your daughter on the mailing list. We have a few more shows planned for the autumn with some amazing bands.