Thursday, 29 July 2010

Live shows & Album

Red River Dialect will be playing two shows in London next week, one at the Note Well Salon on Tuesday August 3rd at The Book Club 100 Leonard Street EC2 4RH.

The event involves a playlist curated by the organisers under the theme of "Friend Music" followed by a slot for participants to play the group a song of their choice on the same theme (bring an ipod or cdr). After this I will play a half hour slot, from approximately 1030pm. Advance tickets here (£4.40)

The second show is at the Kings Cross Social Club on August 5th, I will add more detail when I have it, I think it is free entry and I reckon I'll be playing early on the bill.

Simon and I have finished our new album, it is mixed and sequenced, we're just figuring out how to get it out there into the world.


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