Wednesday, 9 July 2014

New solo piece, soundtrack to an animation by Sarita McNeil

Here is my second collaboration of the year with film-maker and animator Sarita McNeil. I'm really proud to have recorded the soundtrack to her final piece for her animation degree. It ended up happening because I arrived at her place in Bristol with a guitar, on my way from what used to be home to someplace else, and she didn't have a soundtrack. It's the first time I have composed something for the purpose of ornamenting a visual piece, and the truth of it is that I found some ideas, and then put this piece down first time, improvising, into an iPhone recording app. Thank you Sarita for that moment because it opened up a lot of activity and had a bright and strong effect on the recording of the new album which directly followed this experience.

FIG from Sarita McNeil on Vimeo.

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