Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hastily organised Musical Enthusiasm EXPO - Sunday 24/08/14 in Dalston.

Playing a set on Sunday night at the very easy to appreciate Servants Jazz Quarters in Dalston. It's free entry and a bank holiday weekend! So it's Saturday night pt II, the Return of the Lie In, so they say. That's only for some people, but we would like some people to be there, so join them! I'll be joined by Ed Sanders for a few on the fiddle, and Jack Kindred-Boothby for a few on the cello (I hope, is that possible Jack?) before Pollyanna Valentine take us for a ride in a sky-high Estancia. Before that, Alyssa Moxley will play. Please spread the word. Love, David.

Here's a Facebook Event Page

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